Saturday, September 8, 2012

Officially Divorced From Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Speak.........

Resmi Cerai Dari Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Angkat Bicara

Actress and model Katie Holmes finally spoke about her divorce with the handsome actor Tom Cruise for the first time. Holmes argued that many of the 'bigger problem' than divorce cases.

Holmes, who has been involved in the film Batman Begins was announced that a five-year marriage to Cruise has crashed in June and the problem of divorce was completed last August.

Speaking to WWD, Holmes explained that she did not want to raise the problem in front of people who may be less fortunate.

"There are many people out there who have bigger problems and those who are less fortunate. Which is why I try to keep everything in perspective just personal," said Holmes.

At the same time, Holmes also spoke about rumors that her daughter, Suri Cruise will be entered in a school in New York at a cost of USD 40,000 (EUR 25,000 = USD 382 million) per year. Of that, Holmes chose silence and keep it secret until the right time later.

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